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Monochrome in a Puff of Smoke

Preparing for camouflage on the November streets…

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Lurking around LGFW

My beautiful friend Natalie and I went down to LGFW in Toronto last month and took photos of all the beautiful people. We’ve been sitting on the pics for a little while, but after much delay, here they are! Oh, and thanks to Chris who obliged our paparazzi fest.

A few from me …

A closer look pleeeease….

This one didn’t come out as sharp as I would’ve liked, but still pretty…

A few from Nat:


A Diamond in the Blogging Rough

To all non-Vancouverites, i.e. lesser humans (ahem, this blogger included), if you’re ever visiting the city of ocean, mountains and Insite, be on the lookout for Paul Melo. Photographer, designer and proprietor of the Style Quotient blog, Melo takes some of the best street style shots this side of the 49th Parallel.

In writing the above, I assumed I didn’t need to alert Vancouver natives to this savvy blogger, because, com’on, how could they not know about him? But I must say, I’ve looked around and I really haven’t seen much buzz for this blog, and I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground on this one for at least a year. Have I just totally missed the boat on the love for this blog, or is it a diamond in the blogging rough?

Screenshot Image via Style Quotient

He’s got a fantastic eye and certainly knows his way around a camera, as you can see for yourself. But even more impressive is the usability of the site – the layout and navigation is considerably more sophisticated than most style blogs out there, though Garance is no ludite, either.

If you haven’t seen the redesign of The Sartorialist, it uses a lot of the tools that Style Quotient’s been rocking for years, including a Related Posts widget that appears to be automatically populated by matching tags. I also love how he snaps his subject from different angles and featuring different details. It creates a more methodical, even posed vibe than the exciting click-on-the-run shots of Bill Cunningham’s work. Though I love Cunningham’s style of shooting windswept, mid-stride career girls in Manhattan, it’s refreshing to see the uber cool, calm and sexy Canadians featured in Melo’s blog.

P.S. In the course of writing this, I’ve developed a bit of a crush on No. 484 (see above). Could Melo’s bio now read photographer, designer, blogger aaaaand cupid? *sigh*

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Love for Layton

My excellent friend Alex Derry and I headed down to say goodbye to Jack Layton at Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto. Lots of really cool people showed up so I took some pictures.

Some old white dudes made an appearance as well. Is Iggy giving me the stink eye? In his defense, I did get all paparazzi on the man.

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Outside I Miss You (i.e. vintage heaven)

My friend Jen and I wandered through the vintage epicentre of Toronto this afternoon – i.e. Ossington and Queen – looking for style-savvy folks to photograph. The vintage store I Miss You is a reliable destination to find people with a distinct, personalized look – it’s where we bumped into the people featured below.

Despite it being a bit of a gloomy day, we did spot a few sharp dressers. I’m sure we could have sought far and wide for some others but instead we stopped at a café for croissants and called it a day.

These two are a sharp-looking pair. Highlights on him: the two-toned gray collar on his wool coat and his rough, brown boots. Highlights on her: UMM, the BAG! I didn’t even ask her if it was real fur (to the girl with the awesome bag, if you read this, is that real fur??), also the black cropped pants with black stockings and black high-heeled oxfords. I love seeing black used in an interesting way with sharp lines and a variety of textures and materials.

Oh and also, they both said they were feeling lousy and sick – it took a little coaxing to let us shoot them. So basically, this is what they look like on a bad day!

I cropped this photo to better showcase the quirky perks of each of their looks. Girl on the left: I love those glasses! Girl on the right: hot python gloves and wicked hair. Also, cropping it in a little shows off the lilacs behind the window. A bit of lively colour in the middle of winter 🙂

Photos by my talented friend Jen Thomas

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Chic sightings at Queen and Ossignton

From furs to hats to full length coats, people are really starting to bundle up. It’s tough to look sexy wearing a million layers, but some take the challenge in stride.


The fading daylight doesn't quite do justice to this fabulous woman, but she is style through and through

She and I got to talking about The Sartorialist and she insisted I start reading Garance Dore‘s blog (who, she informed me, is also Scott Schuman’s girlfriend!) more regularly. So true.

lil' denim, lil' fur

Opting for texture over colour? No harm in that.

They are just such a good pair – they should go everywhere together.

Cozy Coat

Casual ... sophisticated - my friend and I picked him out of the crowd from like a block away

My attempt ...

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Hip with a Dash of Red


Grant wears a bowtie nearly every day, though I imagine working in a wardrobe department keeps him fairly inspired.

man with great attitude

I practically pounced on this guy to take his pic – my friend and I took one look at him and we were like, ‘yes’.
A charming woman

Her wide collar really makes a statement, in fact the entire coat creates a really elegant silhouette that narrows down towards her little loafer-style flats. What's not to like?

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