A lost art

This is a video promo for an upcoming exhibit in Paris but it’s also a tribute to a style of entertainment and film, with giant stages, incredible costumes and a huge cast of dancers in perfect unison, that was once ubiquitous. My grandmother used to find old recordings of these videos and would watch them with me, pressing the fact that there were no computer effects, that there really were dozens of costumed women making kaleidoscopic formations, and that of course the production equipment was much heavier and clunkier than it is today. She insisted I be impressed by it. And even though I was just a little kid, I was impressed and always wondered why these productions had gone out of style.

Though this video clearly does have loads of CGI and whatever other computer animation tricks are in vogue these days, it’s still a treat to watch and beautifully done. The video is to promote the upcoming exhibit at Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris that will exhibit the work of Louis Vuitton (the man) and Marc Jacobs, who has been artistic director of the Vuitton house since 1997. The exhibit will run from March 9 – September 16, 2012 … Perhaps I can take a little trip across the English Channel when I’m in London in a few weeks! BUT probably not.


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