When I grow up, I want to be Tavi Gevinson.

Fashion blogger and feminist extraodinaire Tavi Gevinson is my hero. She dyed her hair gray (well, sort of by accident, but still) when she was only 13, and may I just say: Pulling. It. Off. She’s respected across the fashion industry by the likes of Agyness Deyn and the Prada-wearing devil, herself, but this pint-sized style savant is also a proud feminist and steering her role in the media in a more political direction than straightforward fashion coverage.

At only 15-years-old, she’s editor-in-chief of a teen girls’ magazine (only online, so far) that she launched this year called The Rookie that is sort of Ms. Magazine meets Nylon. The Rookie’s tone says that it’s OK to be a quirky, imaginative girl. Insecurities are normal and something you grow out of. Being smart is cool. That sort of thing.

The third and latest issue looks at the theme ‘Girl Gang’, which entails everything from Greece‘s Sandra D (granted, not exactly a feminist icon), girl bands, Powder Puff Girls(I don’t even really know what that is – I’m too old for this sh*t) and the Golden Girls. The magazine is a mix of cutesy teenage stuff and more serious pieces like the one titled First Encounters with the Male Gaze, in which she writes about being frustrated by the sudden onslaught of men’s eye-pawing that comes with adolescence. She writes: “I want them to know that I don’t exist for them to look at, I don’t get dressed for them, and however I have put myself together on this day—it is not for you. Most of all, I want to be able to walk around my neighborhood and school without its being assumed that I am looking for feedback on my figure.”

There are things on the site that could use some editing, but given that there are people on The Rookie’s staff who are over the legal drinking age and should know better than to leave some of that sloppy writing in there, I almost wonder if it’s left in intentionally to tell readers that she really is doing the job of EIC.

A recent post includes a video of the three comediennes starlets from the most awesome sitcom on the current primetime roster, Parks and Recreation. The video features Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza sampling candy gifted to them by the team at The Rookie. The sweet treats do not disappoint. And may I just say that amid all the protests and political assassinations and Kardashian heartbreak: Tavi Gevinson, Amy Poehler and Candy. The World makes sense again.


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