A Diamond in the Blogging Rough

To all non-Vancouverites, i.e. lesser humans (ahem, this blogger included), if you’re ever visiting the city of ocean, mountains and Insite, be on the lookout for Paul Melo. Photographer, designer and proprietor of the Style Quotient blog, Melo takes some of the best street style shots this side of the 49th Parallel.

In writing the above, I assumed I didn’t need to alert Vancouver natives to this savvy blogger, because, com’on, how could they not know about him? But I must say, I’ve looked around and I really haven’t seen much buzz for this blog, and I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground on this one for at least a year. Have I just totally missed the boat on the love for this blog, or is it a diamond in the blogging rough?

Screenshot Image via Style Quotient

He’s got a fantastic eye and certainly knows his way around a camera, as you can see for yourself. But even more impressive is the usability of the site – the layout and navigation is considerably more sophisticated than most style blogs out there, though Garance is no ludite, either.

If you haven’t seen the redesign of The Sartorialist, it uses a lot of the tools that Style Quotient’s been rocking for years, including a Related Posts widget that appears to be automatically populated by matching tags. I also love how he snaps his subject from different angles and featuring different details. It creates a more methodical, even posed vibe than the exciting click-on-the-run shots of Bill Cunningham’s work. Though I love Cunningham’s style of shooting windswept, mid-stride career girls in Manhattan, it’s refreshing to see the uber cool, calm and sexy Canadians featured in Melo’s blog.

P.S. In the course of writing this, I’ve developed a bit of a crush on No. 484 (see above). Could Melo’s bio now read photographer, designer, blogger aaaaand cupid? *sigh*

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