Bieber ripped off Marc Jacobs.

So I know I’m not the absolute first person to point this out, but I stopped mid-stride in Shoppers Drug Mart the other day when I saw the display for Justin Bieber’s new perfume, Someday. I stared in awe at the branding and design that is almost identical to (though considerably uglier and cheaper looking than) Marc Jacobs’ perfume Lola. But please, see for yourselves…

Image via Men Access.

Bieber’s perfume has been out a while for a couple months now, so excuse my Johnny-come-Lately ways, but I just couldn’t help myself.

It wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t still posters and ads for Lola in every magazine and on every street corner. I feel sort of bad for Justin – what kind of team does he have doing his bidding and leading his marketing that they would allow him to look like such a hack? Not to mention that Someday launched only a few short months after Bieber got hounded for making one too many ig’nant comments about abortion and gay marriage in Rolling Stone. I hope he’s since had the good sense to dump a fool or two from his team of monkeys. And yes, I realize that same team of monkeys keeps his earning a gazillion dollars every year, but really Biebs, what ever happened to dignity?

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