Marc Jacobs Stepping into the Dior Spotlight

How perfect! Marc Jacobs is in talks with LVMH to replace John Galliano at Christian Dior, reported WWD earlier today. He has star quality in spades – he’s bff’s with Naomi Campbell, don’t you know? Plus he had a cameo on The Hills #superlame – so it shouldn’t be too hard for him to fill Galliano’s very sizable shoes. Galliano’s loud personality helped him shoot to the top, but he would have done well to quiet down a little a few months ago when he unleashed a drunken, racist and very public rant that got him booted from his covetous position at Dior. It seems that human decency, he knows not, and if there’s one thing the fashion industry values, it’s strong moral fiber.

But fear not because the pizazz and theatricality of Dior is sure to carry into the post-Galliano era with Mr. Jacobs in the driver seat, and no doubt he’ll stamp it with his signature provocative, youthful, hip stylings.

Others on the shortlist for the job include Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz, Balenciaga’s Nicolas Ghesquière and Sarah Burton, who’s head of Alexander McQueen, though according to WWD she’s already turned down the job. I can’t say I blame her – who knows what kind of creative, mental rejigging she’s had to do trying to maintain continuity and zest after the tragic death of the brilliant McQueen. (Is anyone else kicking themselves for missing The Met’s McQueen tribute?) To go from that to picking up Dior where Galliano left off would be a full-on mindfuck.

Let Jacobs be Dior’s man. He won’t fail, he never does. Louis Vuitton likely won’t be happy to see him leave, but frankly, he’s a visionary and the racks and racks of suitcases and pointed shoes at LV are all a little too stuffy for him.

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