Stop playing video games and go have sex already.

For anyone who hasn’t already heard this song, you have to hear this song. As I listen to it now, my heartstrings receive yet another tug, and I’ve probably heard it over a dozen times. Possibly two dozen, but who’s counting?

This sultry songstress, Lana Del Ray, née Lizzy Grant, is gaining viral momentum with her Brigitte Bardot allure and her deep, throaty voice. In this song, she’s playing the broken lover whose trying to put on a cool front but is starting to beg her gentleman friend to take notice of her. What is he blind?

The video is seductive, hypnotic and fun.

(Note: This post was originally published without the full video, as I thought it had been removed from the interwebs, but thanks to the geniuses at Pitchfork, the video lives happily in this post where it belongs.)

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