Preppy 2.0

Fall is near. Don’t get me wrong, I love cottages, afternoon beers on a patio, and biking to my heart’s content, but I also love wool, denim and leather. I’ve been perusing the Fall 2011 collections in anticipation of the changing seasons ahead, and there are some fun and punchy spins on the usual preppy drab we tend to associate with fall fashions. The spirit and energy of summer are alive and well in this year’s fall fashions, so even though the days will get shorter and the layers will get heavier, there’ll be no need to abandon the electric mood of summer. It’s preppy in the digital age.

Miu Miu. Image via passiondelamode.

This look is far from tame, but somehow still classic. This delicious mix of warm colours is adventurous, combining two hues of orange, purple, a balletic pink collar, and rusted red in her hair and eyebrows. Pairing these bold colours with the classic feel of princess sleeves and a feminine bowtie reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously as the leaves fall and the weather cools. And yes, she does look a little like a murderous doll, but tone down the hair and make-up for the everyday look and you’re good to go.

In other news, stirrup pants are back! [Dramatic pause]. Try to resist the urge to throw up just long enough to take in the view. Admit it, this girl looks like she’s having a good time.

Pants, sweater and boots all by Jil Sander. Photo via Fashion Magazine.

Jil Sander Coat and Boots. Image via

Raf Simmons’ latest collection for Jil Sander combines sportif chic seen in this sweater and stirrup pant combo with polished, girl-about-town pieces that boast the volume of Christobal Balenciaga. This coat is luxury incarnate.

For a more traditional take on fall, or if you’re just looking to find your inner Prairie Home Companion, check out the sexy Amish looks of the Mulleavy sisters for Rodarte. In their pieces for fall, Kate and Laura Mulleavy gave a not-so-subtle nod to Terrence Mallick’s critically acclaimed Tree of Life. The movie shines a light on middle class life in the midwest in the 1950’s and the struggle between, as the mother in the film puts it, living your life through “the way of nature” or through “the way of grace.” Suffice it to say, the Mulleavy’s decided to go with grace.

It may not quite be preppy 2.0, but the subtle detail and craftsmanship in the waistline of the dresses and jackets gives the look a modern, urban feel. They finished the collection with a shout out to the classic midwest story, The Wizard of Oz, as told through the life of a cocktail dress.

Last two images via

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