Out with the Old in Vogue

This month’s issue of Vogue got me feeling all tingly inside. I wasn’t sure if I was willing to cough up the $5 to buy it – in the case of magazines, I have a golden rule to ALWAYS judge the book by its cover and I wasn’t sure how I felt about Rachel McAdams or her latest Guy Ritchie flick. But I was so enticed by her fun and flirtatious outfit that I caved and bought it as an impulse buy while I was in line at the grocery store. And I was pleasantly surprised with the treasures inside.

Anna Wintour’s editor’s letter gave me hope for the future of fashion. Titled “In with the new”, it’s dedicated to up-and-coming designers who have sought out a new type of muse. From the powerful and elegant First Lady to the fresh-faced Canadian starlet featured on the magazine’s cover, Wintour is calling these inspiring fashion icons “fearless women with their own ideas about looking wonderful”, and the styling throughout the magazine definitely lives up to that statement. (She also boldly remarks that the red carpet is in need of a ‘spring cleaning’ – ouch! Take that SJP and Nicole Kidman)

A spread featuring the new It girl, Carey Mulligan, is a salute to playfulness and imagination filled with loads of polka dots, lace, classic tweeds and goofy hats.  Another article outlines the career of Lara Stone, a sexy size 4 model who is finally managing to break into an industry of malnourished waifs and is being taken seriously by major labels (she has walked down the runway for the likes of Marc Jacobs and Balmain). Stone’s headway is hardly in line with the aspirations of the Dove campaign, and of course the fact that Vogue printed a story entirely about her being a size 4 proves how far we are from considering even a size SMALL to be an accepted norm, but it’s the first article of its kind that’s managed to convince me of a possible shift in the collective conscience about perceptions of beauty.

I have yet to seriously peruse the article about Rachel McAdams but I read the pull quotes and I can see that it is yet another article about how clever, talented and sincere she is. I may be alone in my opinion here, but I don’t really see her conveying that on screen! I glimpsed a quote from Diane Keaton saying that McAdams has the brains and stunning face to be compared to Meryl Streep. I would love to see McAdams prove Keaton’s claims, but in my opinion she’ll need to take on a role more challenging than The Notebook, Sherlock Holmes and Mean Girls.

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