Chic sightings at Queen and Ossignton

From furs to hats to full length coats, people are really starting to bundle up. It’s tough to look sexy wearing a million layers, but some take the challenge in stride.


The fading daylight doesn't quite do justice to this fabulous woman, but she is style through and through

She and I got to talking about The Sartorialist and she insisted I start reading Garance Dore‘s blog (who, she informed me, is also Scott Schuman’s girlfriend!) more regularly. So true.

lil' denim, lil' fur

Opting for texture over colour? No harm in that.

They are just such a good pair – they should go everywhere together.

Cozy Coat

Casual ... sophisticated - my friend and I picked him out of the crowd from like a block away

My attempt ...

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3 thoughts on “Chic sightings at Queen and Ossignton

  1. stephanie Wierzbicki says:

    Thanks Emily!

  2. erinalbert says:

    Ahhhhh I love your bag (still)! Nice pictures. Aren’t you jealous of Garance Dore’s life?

  3. Emily Burke says:

    UMM totally!! Yeah, no big deal, just off to Brazil with my bf Scott Schuman, hahaha

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