Ode to The Sartorialist: Colours that Clash

pink and red man

This is an incredible photo I found on The Sartorialist, which is currently my favourite go-to for style inspiration. Just look at this guy! He’s wearing two different red plaids, paired with a pink sweater. And as though that isn’t enough, he spiced his look up with an orange belt, but he’s totally pulling it off.

And why not have fun with clothes? Life’s too short to take your outfits so seriously.

  • Note: I’m revisiting this post two years after writing it, and I have to say that I think of this photo often. The composition of the frame and the angle of the buildings really draws you in. His outfit looks comfortable, cozy, and well-tailored with warm colours. Maybe that’s the trick to wearing clashing colours – getting everything else just right. Or maybe it’s finding the right balance between attention to detail and not giving a shit.
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